How to Convince Your Friends to Take Steps to Protect the Environment 


Before you convince strangers to help protect the environment, you have to start with your friends. It’s easier to talk to the people you know than to convince others who don’t belong in your circle. However, even your friends aren’t easy to convince, especially if they have other concerns. Given the dire need to protect the environment, you have to convince as many people as possible to do their share. It starts with your friends. These are some tips to help you in convincing them to protect the environment.

Be a good role model 

You can tell others what to do if you’re not doing the right thing yourself. It’s true, especially if you speak with your friends. They will see you as a hypocrite because they know who you are. If you advocate for the environment, but your personal practices are against what you stand for, you can never convince them. You have to take waste segregation seriously. Your friends go to your house, and they see if your efforts are sincere. You can also work with a Daytona Beach junk removal company that knows how to dispose of the trash taken from your house properly. Recycling is another practice that you have to promote. These steps might require sacrifice, but you have to do them if you understand the need to save the environment.

Volunteer together

You love doing some fun activities with your friends. You hang out and do a movie marathon at home. You also go to a bar and have a couple of drinks. Why don’t you add to the list and activities you can do together and make a difference? Some organizations help the environment, and they need volunteers. Find out how you can help and enlist your friend too. You may also use your skills in helping the organization. For instance, if you are good with IT related skills, some organizations need your help. You can also volunteer to sing if there’s a fundraising concert for the environmental cause.

Share information on social media

You can start sharing information about environmental protection on social media. You know that your friends can see what you post. Instead of always talking about your life and what you ate, you can share useful information about saving the environment. You won’t immediately convince people with your posts, but you can put the information out there.

Engage in a debate 

If your friends have different views about climate change and environmental protection, you need to debate with them. It can be heated, but it’s worth doing. Before you can convince other people to change their views about climate issues, you have to prove that you can do it with your friends. The good thing is that you know that you love them, and even if the discussion gets fired up, nothing will change. It would help if you continued telling them about the impact of human activities on the environment and the need for change.



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