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Jack Stofen

Jack Stofenis a professional writer. He pulled content ideas from his vast experience. He is a Web publisher, content strategist, and blogger. He posts articles on different topics. He helps you through his articles, to find everything you ever wanted to know.

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Car Ownership

How to Save On Car Ownership

Owning a car can be an incredibly large expense for many people. Not only is there the initial cost of purchasing a car, but there is the consistent maintenance required to keep it in shape and avoid more costly damage, as well as gas mileage and insurance. With all of…

Auto Industry Asbestos

Auto Industry Asbestos

There are many obvious and not-so-obvious dangers when it comes to working in the auto industry. It’s important to be as aware as possible and use necessary safety wear and gear so that you can minimize injury and risks to your health in general. The Common Use of Asbestos in…