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Jack Stofen

Jack Stofen

Jack Stofenis a professional writer. He pulled content ideas from his vast experience. He is a Web publisher, content strategist, and blogger. He posts articles on different topics. He helps you through his articles, to find everything you ever wanted to know.

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Recycling Metal

4 Important Benefits of Recycling Metal

While many people are familiar with the idea of recycling and reusing plastic, paper, and metal cans, many types of metals can be recycled and reused. This practice reduces landfill use and is a good example of using limited resources more responsibly. Here are four important ways recycling metal benefits…

Coolant Filtration System

Selecting a Coolant Filtration System

When you’re operating low-pressure machine tools, you may not be giving filtration the attention it deserves. If you or your employees are using machines powered by diesel, knowing how the coolant filtration system works can help you determine when service or new filters are necessary. The Coolant Filtration System in…

Denver Hail

Be Prepared for Denver Hail

Colorado sits in the United States region where it meets Nebraska and Wyoming, known as Hail Alley. This area also includes parts of Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. The Colorado Springs to Denver metro area averages 13 severe hail events per year and the hail damage repair Denver CO offers is vital for…