Add a Roof Rack to Your Car


Storage space is important in a car, especially if you like to travel or engage in sports such as skiing or kayaking. You may need more space than your car has to offer. Some things just won’t fit inside of the car. A roof rack can be a very handy feature. You can attach bikes, skis, kayaks, or additional luggage. If your car doesn’t have a roof rack, you can buy and attach one yourself. You want it to be secure so it’s essential to do the job properly.

Clean the Roof

If you’ve just picked up a car, for example, a new Subaru for sale, you may want to add a roof rack. The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the roof of your car. Once the rack is in place, it will be difficult to clean the roof, and dirt and debris may prevent it from sitting flush. This can cause problems, so take the time to clean it right.

Loosen Up the Screws

standard roof rack has mounts and crossbars that screw onto the gutters on your roof. Loosen up all of the screws to prepare them for mounting. It’s much easier to loosen them now than when the rack is sitting on the roof.

Put the Crossbars in Place

Spread the foot mountings wide enough to fit the crossbars and place the crossbars between the four mounts. The two crossbars will now have foot mountings loosely attached at each end. Measure the width of your car’s roof and set the crossbars to the proper width. Now, tighten up the screws to hold the crossbars in place.

Put On the Caps and Pads

Now it’s time to install the pads on the mounts. These pieces will prevent the mounts from scratching your roof. Place the caps on the crossbars. They prevent water from getting inside the crossbars and causing problems.

Put the Rack on the Roof

Open all of the doors of your car and position the rack on the roof. Read the safety guidelines that came with the rack and position the front of it away from the top of your windshield.

Secure the Rack

The last step is to fasten the rack securely. There are a set of clips that come with the rack hardware. Hook these on the edges of the rack and underneath the top of your car’s door frame. Tighten them down securely. Check to make sure the rack doesn’t move around. It is now in place and ready to use.

Specialty Racks

There are other types of racks designed for special purposes. Some are like baskets for holding luggage. Others hold bicycles by the wheels or have slots for skis. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Using Your Rack

With your roof rack in place, you have added to your car’s carrying capacity. Use it for extra luggage on family trips. You can also safely transport bicycles, kayaks, canoes, skis, or other gear you may want to take on your adventure. How you use it is up to you. Enjoy your added space.

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