ESL In Grammar


Grammatical rules are your students worst nightmare? Are you feeling nervous just thinking of teaching English tenses? Is the whiteboard the most frightening object in the classroom while you review last grammar lesson with your students? If your answers were: yes its the high time to consider using ESL worksheets.

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The great 12

Generally, there are twelve basic grammar tenses in English but there are variations to them so some experts believe that they come in a number of sixteen. Once we add Passive voice to this list, it makes twenty-four tenses and no matter which counting you prefer as a teacher, every one is drama. Most students use only tenses they know well as they refuse to try other grammar possibilities. Some students are afraid as they are insecure and unsure of their English while other students motivation is very low due to the common belief that grammar is tedious and complicated. It doesnt need to be.

Games and fun

Colorful sheets are a visual aid. They teach basic rules in time of fun and as students laugh, draw and think they forget about their hate for grammar. Present ESL worksheets to pupils of every level only adjusting the difficulty and themes in order to match their needs, knowledge and interests. If your students are active be active too and present them games that teach grammar and make them move. If they love reading show them materials comprising of texts that they know and enjoy in their native language. Underline key grammatical structures for them to focus, use charts presenting the basic rules and allow your students to engage in speech. If they make mistakes correct them but always encourage to keep trying by offering activities they enjoy. They may learn grammar faster and effortlessly when you forget about strict rules.

Be flexible

Teach your students to expect the unexpected. If you wish to teach them new vocabulary presented in the next chapter of their coursebooks, do it in a form of sheets including matching games, synonyms that they may already know. Creative tutors bring pictures, show posters and experiment with new printables along with movies and songs. Bold teachers let their pupils laugh, discuss topics even if theyre controversial and allow the young ESL speakers to be themselves. Rewards may be what you would never expect yourself. How is it possible that a human brain remembers quotes and popular movie phrases while failing at learning rules at heart? The secret is mood and context. Add both to your teaching grammar and prepare scenes that include the grammar you need.

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