Innovative Solutions to Common Hurricane Proof Window Types


If you live in a region where storms are common, protecting your home from their wrath might be a crucial part of your preparation. Nonetheless, it can be a time-consuming and expensive operation. Durable hurricane glass, also known as laminated glass, is used in place of the typical window glass. Hurricane glass is designed to withstand strong winds and shield from flying objects. Impact windows that are hurricane-rated can greatly offset the initial cost and save money over time.

In most cases, hurricane-grade windows comprise two pieces of heat-treated glass linked together by a thin plastic membrane. Although different materials can be used, this membrane is commonly constructed of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or tonoplast polymer. Because your property will be better secured against extreme weather, you might save money on your homeowner’s insurance.

But there are innovative solutions to this common issue. These solutions can provide a safer home and make the process more accessible.

Horizontal Roller Windows

Horizontal roller windows provide innovative solutions to common hurricane proof window types. Designed and constructed for user comfort, these impact-resistant windows open and close horizontally while providing uninterrupted vertical views and significant airflow.

These windows feature side-by-side sashes with tracks built into the top and bottom of the frame. They can be opened and closed horizontally, allowing unobstructed vertical views, more excellent airflow, and fewer moving mechanical parts.

Some horizontal roller windows also have removable operating panels that make them easier to clean outside. These windows have been popular for various reasons, such as ease of use, great functionality, clean sight lines, and proper ventilation.

Shatter-Resistant Film

The shatter-resistant film is one of the most innovative solutions to standard hurricane-proof windows. It helps prevent windows from breaking and protects people in the process.

The film is made of multiple, micro-thin polyester and bonded to an adhesive. The adhesive binds the film to the glass, helping it resist breakage and fall off if impact forces it to break.

These films are ideal for windows, doors, and overhead glazing. They also help to increase the strength of the glass.

This is an excellent solution for homes and businesses susceptible to burglaries and other break-ins. It also reduces the risk of injury to people in the home or office.

Shatter-Resistant Laminate Glass

Shatter-resistant laminate glass is an innovative solution if you live in a location prone to hurricanes and tornadoes like Florida. Strong winds can easily hurl branches and debris through standard windows, which is dangerous for you and the people inside.

This window type is made by sandwiching a solid polymer layer between two tempered or annealed glass panes. The polymer is usually made from polyvinyl butyral (PVB), designed to hold the glass together even when it shatters.

To withstand the intense forces of hurricanes and severe storms, impact-resistant windows undergo extensive testing before being installed in homes and businesses. In addition, heavy-duty frames are also used to hold the glass in place and keep it secure.

Impact-Resistant Frames

Unlike regular windows, which break into dangerous shards when a projectile impacts them, impact windows contain two panes of shatter-resistant glass. They are bonded with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film, which keeps shattered pieces from flying out of the window and entering your home.

The frame is also much stronger than the frame of a standard window, and they have stiffeners in the middle that help them withstand impact. Typically, these frames are metal but can also be wood or vinyl.

They can be an excellent investment for homeowners in high-risk areas like Florida. They protect your home from wind-borne debris, block most UV rays and reduce noise.

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