The Services Offered by Family Lawyers


A family lawyer is a legal professional who has specialised in matters concerning family law. They are responsible for handling legal disputes involving members of the family. Some of the legal disputes they handle include child custody, divorce, guardianship and many more. At times, they act as mediators whenever there is a disagreement among the family members. Here are some of the responsibilities of family attorneys.

Adoption Cases

Adoption is a field of family law that can only be handled by a family attorney. Child adoption involves several legal processes that have to be followed for it to be successful. A family law attorney can guide a couple on the legal procedures that need to be followed so as to make the adoption legal. In most jurisdictions, the laws tend to differ based on the age of the child. For instance, there are jurisdictions that allow biological parents to retain some rights while in the other jurisdictions, their legal parental rights are transferred fully upon adoption.

Keeping Records of Important Documentation

A family attorney is bestowed trust to keep a copy of asset documentation to prevent foreseeable future issues. For instance, he/she can help a couple to draft a document that will govern the sharing of resources in case of a divorce. Besides the sharing of assets, a family attorney can help a couple to make an agreement in writing concerning the child visitation, support, and custody in case of a divorce. At times, a family attorney may be required to handle criminal cases involving a family member. Family law is broad and one may specialize in juvenile or domestic violence law. You can also visit this website to get detailed information about the family attorneys.

Divorce and Separation Cases

A family attorney is responsible for handling divorce and separation cases among the couples. These cases can be very complicated especially if the children are involved and thus the need for an experienced family attorney to get the matter sorted out appropriately. Child custody entails the right to support a child and making important decisions on behalf of the kid. The custody can either be sole or joint based on the parents’€™ agreement, otherwise, an attorney has to work out on something different if the couple fails to agree. In such a case, the court decides on the custody arrangements centred on the best interests of the child. Child support refers to the contributions made by a parent in taking care of the child after divorce.

Source of Advice

Advice is paramount in our day to day lives especially when it comes to legal matters. A family attorney can advise you on the best legal measures to take based on legal prescription. This helps the family members to make a more tangible and informed decision regarding the best course of action.

Representation in Court

A family attorney is responsible for representing a family member in a court of law for a criminal offence he is accused of committing. The attorney will investigate and submit evidence regarding the case in the court and this is what will form the basis of representation. Family members will be relieved from attending the hearing of the case because they are already represented unless there is a court order requesting them to do.

From the above, there is no doubt that family lawyers are an integral part of our lives when it comes to representation, advice, adoption, divorce, and handling of custody cases.

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