The Benefits of Laminated Mailers Over Non-Laminated Mailers


There are several benefits to laminated mailers. For example, they are a great way to increase catalog circulation. The dynamic printing on these mailers increases the appeal of your direct mail campaign. In addition, they are also cost-effective and durable. These advantages can make your direct mail campaign stand out from the crowd.


One of the great benefits of a laminated mailer is its long shelf life. The average consumer keeps a piece of marketing mail for 17 days. The laminated print is also impervious to mail hazards such as automated sorting machines. This makes laminated postcard mailers a great choice for mailing postcards. The durable laminated surface ensures that the postcard will remain attractive and strong for many years.

Another advantage is their dimensional stability and resistance to curling. They also have excellent glue ability and sealability. Laminated mailers are also water and moisture-proof. These characteristics make them ideal for sending important documents and articles. Many markets need durable mailing materials, especially for e-commerce.

Laminates are generally applied to both sides of packaging materials. They provide a protective shield against smudges, tears, and moisture and help the colors pop. Laminate is most useful for products that are handled a lot. Matte lamination has a more natural look and doesn’t reflect light as much as glossy lamination. This makes it easier to read the contents of the mailer.

In addition to promoting a product, laminated mailers are useful for advertising any retail business. They can showcase a specific product, say thank you, or even promote a rewards program.


Laminated mailers are an excellent choice for seasonal marketing. For example, you can use them to advertise discount coupons or winter tire specials. In addition, they are durable and protected from the elements. Laminated mailers are also useful for periodic promotions like a sale. For example, you can use them to advertise a sale on a new car every month.

Besides providing durability, laminated mailers are also more engaging for recipients. Another important benefit of laminated postcards is that they make your customers feel special. They are more likely to keep your postcard if it is personalized and crafted to fit their needs. Plus, they don’t need an envelope and can also contain your phone number or landing page. Finally, a great thing about laminated mailers is that you can track the leads that result from them.

Laminated mailers are environmentally friendly. The materials used to make them are renewable. They can be recycled and reused for other products. Laminated mailers are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Laminating your postcards will add value to your marketing message when creating a direct mail campaign. These laminated mailers can be customized with high-quality graphics that draw the consumer’s attention to your offer. They can also include QR Codes and contact information. Additionally, they can be customized with a magnet, which gives them a different look and helps your message stand out.

Another benefit of laminating your postcards is that they save on packaging and postage. They are much lighter than envelopes filled with standard paper. You can even send them without an envelope. You can also print barcodes and postage labels on these postcards, saving on postage costs.

Another benefit of laminating your postcards is that they will last longer. The durability of the plastic postcards you order will ensure that they are kept intact for years to come. It is also a great option for labels and decals.

Regardless of the type of laminating process, you’ll want to ensure that the print surface will last. It should resist water, grease, and punctures. In addition, it will resist rough handling.

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