Growing Apple Trees in a Big City


Can I grow apple trees in a city? Many people think that you can’t grow apple trees in towns and cities. However, there is no particular trick when it comes to know how to grow apple trees in urban areas. The same principles apply as if you were to plant your apple trees in a countryside garden.

How Big Is Your Garden?

One thing that you may have to take into account is the size of your garden. You don’t want to buy a huge apple tree variety when you only have a small plot.

The best thing you can do is to plan ahead. Before you buy your apple trees try reading the useful guide of apple trees for sale here

There are so many different fruit trees for sale that you are going to be spoiled for choice. These days, you can buy both espalier and step over fruit trees that are perfect for smaller urban gardens.

How Much Time Do You Have to Look After Your Tree?

Although you don’t need a lot of time to look after your apple tree, you still need some time. For instance, It will need pruning.

Also, remember that your apple tree is going to drop all of its leaves once a year. Invest in a good rake so that you can pick the leaves up. Don’t throw the leaves away as they make excellent leaf mould for the rest of your garden.

On hot summers, you may even find some apple trees will need help with extra water. At the same time as you buy your fruit tree, it is a good idea to invest in a water butt so that you can save water. Most apple trees and other fruit trees thrive on rain water.

How Much Fruit Will My Tree Produce?

That depends on what variety you pick. When you see fruit trees for sale, and you only have a small garden, it is best to go for a tree that is not such a heavy cropper.

Then again, if you do end up with excess fruit, you can exchange it with other gardeners or sell it. Most people in the UK really cherish locally produced fruit and vegetables. Why not make the most out of your harvest?

In Conclusion

Apples are good for us and taste great. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t grow apples and other fruit in your city center garden. It will even help to reduce pollution levels.

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