The Benefits of a Bigger Monitor


For a long time, there was a trend toward technology getting smaller. Cell phones for example got smaller and lighter over years. Until they stopped. The smartphones that we use today are considerably bigger than those that we were using 10 years ago. While things like chips and hard drives are still getting smaller, and screens are getting thinner, massive improvements in picture quality and also the amount of time we spend watching things on our screens means that the screens themselves have started to get bigger again. Ultra-widescreen monitors are the current trend when it comes to bigger screens. But are they actually better than smaller screens?

Increased Productivity

If you use a monitor for work, a bigger screen can increase productivity massively. You’ll be able to open multiple windows and apps on the same screen, without needing to constantly flick between all of your open windows. If you work remotely, you’ll also be able to video chat with colleagues or hold online meetings, without having to close anything else down. This can help you to get more done in less time and reduce time wasting. Take a look at Ultrawide Monitors at Lenovo for some fantastic options.

Better Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking isn’t for everyone. Some people find that they get more done, to a better standard when they focus on a singular task at a time. But most of us have to multitask at least some of the time. A bigger screen can make this much easier, as well as boosting productivity.

You’ll Only Need One Monitor

For a long time, using multiple screens was the best way to boost productivity, and be able to do more than one task at a time. But multiple screens are expensive, both to buy and to run, and take up a lot of space on your desk.

Having one, large monitor, instead of two or more smaller ones, can save you time, reduce running costs and save you space. It also means fewer wires and greater control of your technology.

Higher Resolutions

Modern ultrawide screens can have very high resolutions and excellent picture quality. This can be better for your eyes and make working at a computer more of a pleasure.

Much Greater Detail

Higher resolutions mean that images look better, but also that you can see things in much finer detail. This can be very helpful if you work in graphics or something like medicine where detail is exceptionally important.

Immersive Gaming

Gamers love wide screens, especially those that curve and offer depth and detail. A curved ultrawide screen allows you to become immersed in your game, feeling as though you are part of the action, instead of just watching and controlling from the outside.

Ultra-Widescreen Monitors Look Great

Let’s face it, a curved ultra-wide monitor will look great on your desk, helping to modernize your office space.

Bigger monitors aren’t for everyone, they can be expensive, and they are usually an area where it’s worth spending more. Cheaper screens have lower resolutions, which is far more obvious when the screen is bigger. But, the benefits can make the investment worthwhile. If you are looking for a new monitor, it’s certainly worth considering going big.

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