How to Hire an Entertainment Lawyer?


When it comes time to consider hiring an entertainment lawyer to help you in your career as an entertainer, getting started can seem a little overwhelming.

How do you know what you need, and which attorney is the right one for you? Here’s a short guide to get you started in the process of selecting your entertainment lawyer. By visiting the websites and , you can find the pertinent attorney information. Before making a choice, take some time to chat to various attorneys and solicit referrals from others.

Who Needs an Entertainment Lawyer?

If you are just getting started in your entertainment career, trying to break into your field, you might not yet need to find an entertainment lawyer. Once you start negotiating contracts, though, a lawyer is a great person to have on your side. Whether you’re an actor, a singer, a writer, or any other type of entertainer, an entertainment lawyer such as John Branca can help protect your interests when you’re able to make significant money in this career.

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Can You Have Your Manager or Agent Negotiate Contracts?

While some entertainers do choose to have their managers or agents negotiate the terms of their contracts, that’s not really where their special talents lie. Managers and agents are great at helping you make connections in your industry, and they can advise you on the best ways of advancing your career. They also do know what you might be able to charge in specific situations, so they can be a great resource in the negotiating process. When it comes to signing legally binding contracts, though, having an entertainment lawyer on your team is the best way to protect yourself and your financial interests.

How Do You Find the Best Entertainment Lawyer?

Much like doctors, there is no one best entertainment lawyer for every situation. You’ll want to find someone whose area of expertise matches the career you’re aiming for. It’s also important to find an attorney that you can get along with personally. When personalities clash, it makes every aspect of the relationship more difficult. Keep searching until you find someone you can connect with. Start looking for your entertainment lawyer by asking colleagues for recommendations. Use your industry contacts to get a few referrals, then work from there to determine if the attorneys you meet are a good fit for you based on their experience, specialty focus, rates, and more.

Enlisting the services of an entertainment lawyer is a great way to protect yourself as you’re making your career in the entertainment industry. Once you start making money in your field, find a great lawyer to help you through the negotiating process.

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