The Debate Of Private School Vs. Public School


Where you choose to send your children to school is a big decision. Depending on the schools in your area, both options may be a great option. If you are choosing between a private school and a public school education, consider the following.

Public School

The Pros

One of the major pros of public school is that there are no costs to attend; all children are guaranteed placement to attend the elementary and secondary schools within their housing zone. If cost is a concern, public schools also offer free and reduced lunch options to make sure all children receive nutritious meals.

Most public schools offer students the opportunity to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities such as band, sports, and academic challenges. Students will be given ample opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

The Cons

If you live in an area zoned to attend a less reputable school, there is no option to change schools. In addition, the second major con of public school is that you may often find very large class sizes, which makes individualized education difficult to find.

Private School

The Pros

Sending your children to private school allows you to choose the best educational setting to meet your child’s needs. Rather than following a pre-determined path, you have the option to choose one elementary program, another private middle school Cambridge MA program and then finally choose a specific high school program to help meet your child’s goals.

Since private schools have the option to limit enrollment, many private schools guarantee small teacher-to-student ratios.

The Cons

At large, the biggest con to private school is the cost. While many private schools offer tuition assistance and scholarships, yearly tuition does have the ability to quickly add up.

Choosing an education path is not a one size fits all. What is most important is to consider your children’s learning needs and find the best schooling option to meet those needs.

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