4 Jobs You Can Get Without A College Degree


Getting a four-year degree is not accessible for everyone. Learn about what other types of high-paying jobs there are that do not require a degree.


Almost everyone heavily relies on electricity which is why electricians are so important. Electricians Philadelphia PA specialize in installing light fixtures, rewiring equipment, repairing electrical power outages, and troubleshooting any electrical problems in homes and businesses. Exact qualifications may vary by state, but you most likely need to complete some training or trade school to become qualified. To become an electrician, you can attend a technical school or find an apprenticeship to gain experience.


Plumbers are often required to respond to urgent calls at all hours of the day. Any time there is a busted toilet or a clogged pipe, it’s time to call a plumber. But that’s not all plumbers take care of. As a plumber, you can also work in other industries to repair plumbing systems for buildings or pools. Any place that has running water involved may need a plumber. Because of the constant demand for the work plumbers do, it tends to be a stable job with more security than others. Like an electrician, a plumber may enjoy their independence and flexibility on the job.

Executive Assistant

If you have exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, consider becoming an executive assistant. Typically, as an executive assistant, you will not need education past a high school diploma if your skills are up to par with what is being asked. Executive assistants do a lot of behind-the-scenes work for high-ranking business professionals. As the assistant, you will schedule meetings and appointments, communicate on your manager’s behalf, and perform a variety of other organizational tasks to keep the business or organization running.


To become a firefighter, you must pass a written and physical exam. You may also be required to become an emergency medical technician (EMT). The process can be competitive because the job is so physically demanding. Firefighters will need to be ready to rescue people and animals from burning buildings and extinguish dangerous fires.

Police Officer

Law enforcement is a very demanding job but also does not require a college degree. As a policeman, you will be responsible for protecting members of the community and preventing crime from happening. While not all crime is preventable, you can do your best to uphold the American justice system and react accordingly when something bad happens.

With the proper training and experience, several great jobs will hire you without a 4-year college degree.

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