Money-saving tips for the students


Student life is hands down the best part of anyone’s life. We make friends forever, skip classes to hang out with friends, plead with professors to accept our last-minute submissions. It is everything but boring!

However, one thing we lack is having enough money to live the way we want. Most of us are on a tight budget, thanks to the student loans hanging on the head. How to manage the entire month with just a few pennies? Know how here,

The budget book is your bible.

Create a budget book and enter all the expenses you incur for the monthly allowance you receive. It helps in understanding the income and expenditure and how to manage the spendings. Since you’re maintaining a book, sorting the unnecessary expenses will become easy and can be avoided next month.

When budgeting right, one can buy some money enough to buy little perks. It will also generate a sense of accountability and responsibility towards money. Don’t charge much on the credit card and use this technique instead.

Efficient application

Find jobs or paid internships in the neighbourhood. Applying for the ones that resonate with your current course will enhance the resume. While applying for jobs, be thorough with all the job descriptions and their perks. If you can ascertain someone who can recommend you for a job, then it’s amazing!

It is easy to find a contact for a recommendation. You don’t have to visit the office and request them in person. Instead, find their contact online. is an efficient website that can help you find emails at the drop of a hat. It also comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin accounts so, finding the contact of the profiles becomes simple.

Lifestyle Changes

Changing lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to get fit and do Yoga early in the morning every day. No student would wish to sacrifice so much and not get to live some college life. These are the little tweaks you need to make consciously to avoid getting broke.

Invite some roommates, so you get to share the rent. Reduce alcohol or other recreational drugs. As fun as they are, these can be really heavy on pockets and on health too. Try public transport to cover long distances. You’ll be surprised to see how much you’ve saved!

Take advantage of being a student.

The world is a hard place to live and, sometimes, you need to toughen up to get your share – even if it means you show your student ID to get as many discounts as possible. Start shopping and eating at the places where you get free student coupons or discounts.

In times like these, you need to concentrate on survival rather than considering which brand to wear. Swap your costly shopping malls to other stores that provide the same quality goods but for much lesser prices. Want to look great for your next big date? Not a problem. Instead of spending money on that simple dress, go for renting it. You get to wear much costlier dresses at a fraction of their price.

How did you like the list? Is there anything else you’d like us to add? Let us know, we’ll be happy to share!

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