Improve Your Business by Improving Your Web Design


So you put up a website for your business as advised. It’s DIY, but you think it looks pretty good anyway. You’re expecting a lot of traffic and orders from it, but somehow, it’s not quite what you expected.

You look into the data and instead you see visitors going into different pages, but without really ending up anywhere in particular. The typical ending of this scenario: they leave the page without engagement, without conversion.

You wonder why this could be when you’re confident in the quality of your product and the value of your content. Why are they not sticking it out and following through with their purchase?

The answer could be how your website is designed.

An Easy Visit

When users visit a website, they want it to be easy and convenient. You should know–you’re a visitor at some point too. When the content on your website does not flow as intuitively as you want it to, with the final step being a completed purchase, you’re missing out on great opportunities for your business.

Is your homepage catchy and engaging? Does it have the right balance of text and images? What about the colors? Are they too strong or pleasing to the eyes? Do you host a lot of distracting ads on your pages?

All of these may seem like minor details but taken all together can really have an impact on the overall user experience.

Buttons and Calls-to-Action

It’s not enough that you provide the information about your products and services. You need to be proactive about nudging them into completing that purchase transaction. Call-to-Action buttons are buttons that encourage the visitor to “BUY NOW!” or “Get 50% OFF here”.

Whatever your offer is, these buttons are intended to convince them to take that next step in committing to the purchase.

Leave It to the Pros

There are aspects to web designing that tend to be a bit more technical, which is why it’s highly advised that you leave it in the hands of capable Atlanta web design teams. With their skills and experience, you can finally have a business website that helps your business turn into success.

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