Tips for Getting Your Truck in Tip-Top Shape


Riding around in your truck is a whole lot more enjoyable when it looks clean and smells good. It doesn’t matter if you bought your truck new off the lot or you pieced it together with used Ford pickup truck parts, your vehicle deserves a chance to shine.

Use the Right Soap

While liquid dish soap is an effective degreaser, it isn’t made to be used on a truck. It can do the trick of removing grease, dirt, and old wax, but it also eats away at the paint’s finish, shortening the life of your paint job. Instead, use an automotive soap and finishing product.

Go Past Surface Dirt

Washing removes what is on the surface of your truck, but you need clay-barring to get out all the embedded pieces of crud. In short, use pieces of special clay to roll over the debris and suck it out of its hold on the finish.

Always Polish

Don’t make a common mistake of vehicle owners. Waxing and polishing are not the same things. The waxing process adds gloss and protects the paint finish, while polishing helps remove the scratches and small imperfections from the surface of the car. You can either use elbow grease and hand polish it, or you can invest in a polisher. This gives you the best glossy look and smooth finish.

Try a Synthetic Wax

Regular car-waxers may tell you to use carnauba wax to get a deep, warm shine. For a change, try a polymer wax or paint sealant. They are more recent additions to the market, but they apply more easily and won’t leave a white film on any plastic or trim.

Vacuum Inside

Your cab’s interior reveals where you’ve been but keeping the area free from dust and debris is better for your health and the lifespan of your upholstery. Don’t just vacuum the rugs and floorboard; clean the vents, seats, console, and door panels too.

These tips can get your truck into tip-top shape and make it the envy of your friends.

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