3 Improvements to Make to Your Dairy Barn

If you’re noticing that your dairy barn could use a few upgrades to make it more efficient and comfortable, chances are you probably already have a few things in mind. And since dairy farming is no small feat, any changes you can make should be considered as more than well deserved — possibly even overdue. Here are three improvements to think about while making your barn the best it can be, improving your business as a result.

1.)   Upgrade the Lighting System

If you’re finding that your cows aren’t producing the milk you need them to, take a look at your current lighting situation. If it seems on the dimmer side or is old, switching over to new, brighter and more efficient lighting could be just what the ladies need to do their thing and produce more milk than before. Long day lighting provides cows with more light than they would experience in a normal day — 16 to 18 hours. It can also greatly improve working conditions, making it more pleasant in general and safer thanks to improved visibility. You will need to take a few factors into consideration first, such as your current milking schedule, number of cows and square footage needing coverage.

2.)   Install Better Ventilation

One thing all dairy barn have in common… they can all get pretty stuffy, especially when it’s a full house. Proper ventilation is critical to the health and happiness of your entire herd and everyone you have working with them. If your barn’s fans have seen better days or just don’t seem to be doing the best job, consider installing agricultural Refresh Fans that are not only energy efficient, but super effective in cooling and creating a more pleasant atmosphere overall. And a more pleasant atmosphere means happier cows, which means more milk!

3.)   Start from the Ground Up

If your cows are standing on a concrete surface for hours, providing them with a softer floor could make all the difference. Rubber matting can increase a cow’s confidence when walking, preventing injuries from slips, and even falls. You may even find it easier to clean and more hygienic than plain concrete.

Dairy farming is something that requires so much hard work and dedication. It’s important to prioritize the things that can make it the most efficient, profitable and pleasant experience as possible. By making some key upgrades, you’ll be well on your way.

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