Importance Of A Good EV Charger



If you’re ever in an emergency and the car needs charging, you’ll be in a big problem. If you don’t want to install a much better charging option in your home, then maybe you should opt for a hybrid instead. Not being able to use your car in a critical situation can turn into a disaster.

 This is why most electric car owners opt for Level 2 EV chargers. They require some extra equipment to be installed and it has to be done by a professional. However, the pros leave the cons in the dust. These Chargers are barley more costing than a Level 1 charger.

How Important Is A Good EV Charger?

Having the possibility to fully charge your vehicle within 2 hours can save you from many problems. You’re opting for an electric car to help the environment, not make your own life harder.

 Your own charging station will offer you a fast and safe charge and it should come at a very low price. While professional installation is preferable, if you know what you’re doing then you can just get the extra help over the phone.

 Level 2 Chargers need a 240V outlet. This makes the charging process much faster and is also compatible with all types of electric cars available. It doesn’t matter if you have a Tesla or other type of electric, you can safely charge it with a Level 2 charger.

 You use the cord that’s plugged into an outlet and then into your vehicle. Since these chargers offer 10-60 miles per hour of charging, it can take anywhere between 2 to 6 hours to fully charge your vehicle.

 The best thing about these chargers is the convenience it provides. You’ll also benefit from a much lower cost than if you’d be charging your vehicle at a commercial charging station. It doesn’t matter how long you’re going to charge your car for, many charging stations will charge you per hour. And the price per KWV is also bigger.

 When you charge at home, you’ll just be paying the bill and skip all the fees. You’ll barely notice the difference on your bill and is nowhere near as how much you would’ve spent on charging stations. Experts say that charging your car at home costs less than running an air conditioner.


You never know when an emergency comes, and having your car ready for a short journey within a few minutes is a great advantage. The best way to find out what are the benefits of Level 2 Chargers is asking an electrician you trust.

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