The Eco-Friendly Fireplace That Uses Renewal Energy


Bio-fireplaces or bioethanol fireplaces are becoming a popular choice for heating due to their quality and for decorative capacity in the room. They give you the freedom to decorate with the constraint of where a chimney needs to be located. Currently, there are different types of bioethanol fireplaces, which together with the different models and different sizes you can choose at any time the ones that best suits your space and your personal tastes. For this reason, we are going to point out the types of bioethanol chimneys that exist, are the following:

  • Mounted to the wall: they are the bioethanol fireplaces that are mounted or embedded into the wall. You have different types of shapes, they can be rectangular or square, flat or curved, larger or smaller. So there is a wide variety of chimneys that you can hang on your wall.
  • Portable bioethanol fireplaces: this type of bio-fireplaces can be transported wherever and however you want. They are small and fit in any place, at the same time they warm you up without problems and in any place where you have to move. You have various selections of outdoor fires or tabletop fires.

    Free Standing bioethanol fireplaces: these types of fireplaces can be inspired by the traditional chimneys that we have in our houses or have the shape of columns, spheres or bonfires. The range of styles is huge. They can bring to your home a classic or modern touch, where the quality that a bioethanol fireplace gives you with all the guarantees combined.

    Fireboxes: they are embedded directly into walls, dividers or cabinets. The flames will be another decorative element of the fireplace. In addition to heating the room, it will be decorative.

These types of bioethanol fireplaces or bio-fireplaces have some advantages:

– Easy installation: wherever the place where we do the installation we will not need anything related to a smoke outlet or the electrical installation, so we can put it anywhere. The combustion flame is given by water vapour. In general, they do not usually weigh more than 20 kg. No building consent needed to install them.

– Safety: bioethanol fireplaces are a very nice and safe option, because that there are no problems related to combustion, no sparks or smoke for example. It’s safer than other options, since electricity is not necessary, no smoke can escape and it only works with water vapour. The carbon dioxide it emits is equivalent to the smoke of 2-3 candles maximum and doesn’t create condensation.

– Biofuel: it is the star characteristic of this type of fireplace. Ethanol is pure alcohol that is a clean-burning, eco-friendly energy that powers bio-ethanol fireplaces. It is a renewable energy and comes from biomass, generated by cereals and plants such as sugarcane or corn, among others.

– Aesthetics: there is a wide variety of models and you do not need any type of extractor, this gives us more freedom to experiment with our interior designs and functionality. There is a good availability based on the colour, shape and size for any space.

  • Biofuel: the clean-burning, eco-friendly energy that powers bio-ethanol fireplaces.
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