Best Wellington Cattery Services

Hillcrest Cat Motel

They provide top quality feline care. They are located in Normandale, a noise-free, rural setting away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. They are just twenty minutes from the city of Wellington. The cattery is composed of a large building with a similar design to a regular home, so that your cat or cats can surround themselves in a similar environment, without experiencing sudden changes during your stay and with all the comforts at your fingertips.

They have a great team of highly qualified caregivers who will serve your feline friend in everything you need. In addition, their friendly team like to establish a close relationship with the owners, conducting a previous interview to better understand the needs and personality of the animal, as well as to make it a more comfortable for them to leave their pet at the facility.

The facilities

Their facilities will be a paradise for your cat, surrounded by countryside and a relaxing environment. Each animal will have its own bed and personal space, its drinker, its toys and its respective litter tray. Of course the whole cattery is air-conditioned for any time of the year, with heating to warm the winter nights and cooling in all rooms to combat the summer heat.

Despite being located on a farm in a totally rural environment, it is very safe. No animal will escape out of curiosity, as they have the area well secured.


They are characterised by offering a complete and professional service to cats, whether a single cat or more than one, they will properly keep your usual routine to be able to reproduce it faithfully and prevent you from losing your daily customs. We know that cats are animals very sensitive to changes, that is why their expert team will monitor all their changes and possible alterations to help your pets adapt better.

They also have a medicine service, in the event that your cat is on medication, it is their policy to strictly comply with your daily dose of treatment.


They offer a short or long-term feline boarding service, as well as being able to accommodate more than one cat per family unit. They also have a pick-up and drop-off service with an additional cost to the stay, carrying in safe and acclimatised transport to your pets, which is so convenient.

Also note, the medicine supply service also has a price charge. Ensuring exceptional care of your pet, whatever the ailment it is, they will try to take care of you as well as possible, so that while your pets are with them, you do not notice any difference or emotional alteration.


You can check out the photo gallery of cats hanging out at Hillcrest Cat Motel and pictures of the facility and grounds on their website. They regularly post videos and photos of playing, grooming and smooches on Facebook, so you might even see what your cats are up to, while you’re away! It is clear why they have regulars, who wouldn’t go anywhere else.


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