Vinyl stickers also known as decals are widely used now instead of the traditional paper stickers. Some of their unforgettable benefits include them being waterproof, microwave and dishwasher safe, and the variety they are available in. Sticker maker utilize a vinyl cutter machine to create these stickers and are called a ‘magical’ machine. It is so because it minimizes human effort significantly and is quite quick in its action. Before getting to the revolution from paper stickers to vinyl stickers, let us see why are stickers used everywhere today?

Stickers and their importance

This era is of branding and marketing. 1 out of 5 people is set to be an entrepreneur and with the digitalization, businesses have become as easy as blinking. Whether you are a DIY brand or a home brand, you need to market your product. Stickers are the best way to do it. These are labels or logos that go with your products and spread your name in the public.

An online sticker maker has made it simple for any in everyone to create their custom patches, paper or vinyl stickers. These are cost-effective, easily applied, are safe and durable and hence are utilized by many.

What are vinyl stickers?

Vinyl is the material used to make these stickers instead of paper. They are usually created by cutting the desired or customized logo from a vinyl roll. It is done by a vinyl cutter. They are applied on walls or other non-porous surfaces and are put on softly.

Vinyl stickers are also sometimes referred to as vinyl decals. But they both are different. Vinyl decals are different stickers but in the same color. This is because they are essentially cut off from the same origin. The stickers, however, are available in many colors because they are made using different inks.

Evolution of stickers from paper to vinyl

Vinyl is better than paper stickers. It has many advantages. It is easy to apply, is softer than paper, and is microwave/iron safe. Paper stickers fade off after a while and no matter how rough and appealing they look they are messier. It is relatively very easy to peel vinyl stickers off. They are referred to as easy-to-peel stickers. Paper stickers never come off as a single unit but vinyl stickers do.

These stickers are made from permanent markers and hence are not destroyed from water or oil. We all know what happens to paper when it is wet. In conclusion, vinyl stickers are more durable, flexible, and professional than paper stickers and that is why brands have turned to these.

Why should one use vinyl stickers?

In addition to many of their perks discusses above, vinyl stickers are non-permanent. That means they can be changed whenever you want to. A sticker maker creates these in such a way that they are cost-effective and long-lasting. These stickers are available in any size, design, shape, and color. The designs are printed on vinyl and then cut off according to the desired size. Vinyl stickers are used indoors and outdoors in a wide range of appliances (cars, walls, etc.)

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