Housekeeping – The Household Where to Start?

Air parts and blankets / carpets

In the first place, we always start with the ventilation of the rooms. We open all the windows to let in the light and fresh air, at least 10 minutes a day. Then we take out the rugs and blankets to dust them out to avoid letting the dust fall on your furniture. When you dust your carpets, do not slam them against the wall or the ground, shake them lightly on a regular basis, that’s enough!

Suck and sweep up and down

The vacuum cleaner and the broom are two indispensable weapons against dirt if you want to have a clean and pleasant home. The vacuum cleaner (presented in different models) is formidable against the dust that accumulates under the furniture, on the carpet, the sofa or nooks inaccessible to the broom. To save time, its use requires preparing the ground! Store everything on the floor and dust up and down with the top of furniture, shelves and trinkets first. The dust is thus found on the ground, ready to be sucked. For persistent tasks, always use a broom and between two households, sweep.

• Finish with the floors

Remember to bring you suitable cleaning products, as some tasks may be stubborn depending on the type of coating. When you start washing your floor, always leave the bottom of the room towards the exit. Thus, you avoid dirtying the places you just cleaned. Also take care to go under each piece of furniture and do not forget any angle! This is important when you want to have a house that shines at the first light of the sun.

• Tips for finding the right method

In reality, there are not one but several methods when it comes to cleaning. Find the one that suits you depends on you and your time. For example, if you are a very busy person during the day, consider getting up a little earlier in the morning to avoid having to go home when you get home. Optimize your time by storing your belongings right away and sponging after a meal or wiping the splash in the bathroom. You can always call on a housekeeper; she will do everything for you!

Get outside help: contact a best jobber

If you do not have the time or inclination to do your housework, there is no harm in asking for help at home! On Eco Fms you will find all the support you need. Close to you, the jobbers intervene to do housework, ironing, cleaning the windows and many other household chores at affordable rates! Just log in to start your search!

Order at home … and in his head!

• Clean up, reduce stress and make memory work

“Cleaning up your life” is a common expression that says a lot. It can mean reorganizing one’s priorities and improving one’s way of life. She can also mean, make her interior pleasant. Indeed, 20 minutes of cleaning a week can reduce anxiety and stress, but also the risk of depression. How? By venting on our chores! Moreover, to clean oneself makes it possible to remember the place of each object and thus to make work his memory!

• The household, a sports activity

Sport is good for your health! You are not unaware that: tidying up requires physical effort and burns a few calories! Sweeping, rubbing, stretching to wash the windows is like doing aerobics. It awakens the muscles and enhances flexibility. As a result, do 10 to 15 minutes of cleaning a day and just as beneficial as a small jog. Like any physical activity, it releases endorphins, a natural substance secreted by the brain that provides a real sense of well-being.

Result, satisfaction of the work done

Even if it has exhausted you, it is infinitely pleasant to see his room, his living room or his dining room, in short all his own and orderly household. What a satisfaction to have sweated, put the heart to work and appreciate the result! There’s nothing like a glittering floor-to-ceiling home to brighten your day. Imagine, you go home after a trying day at work, the sink does not overflow dirty plates, everything is clean and in its place, your dressing is stored according to your taste … You finally have time for you!

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