Florist Guide to Become the Best Flower Delivery Shop


Flowers delivery business is growing day by day. It is a best business and you earn good profit if you take good care of flowers delivery service. If you want to be best online florist, there are certain steps you must follow and you have to stick to that. Flowers have short life span and they are perishable if not handled with care. We give you some important tips of how to take care of your flowers business and get a good earning of out this.

#1) Freshly Cut and Hand-picked Flowers

Customers always look for the fresh farm picked flowers. Make sure you deliver flowers are hand-picked on the day when you are delivering. Long stemmed flowers are so much in demand. Cut them with leaves and take stems with it. Before packaging you must dip the stems into water. Don’t allow petals or leaves to touch the water. You can sprinkle water through spray bottle, don’t spray too much water; just spray little to maintain its freshness. The farm fresh cut flowers last for long and provide a good fragrance around ambiance.

#2) Good Packaging

Packaging depends on the requirement of customer. They want mixed flowers bouquet in triangle shape, circle shape or any other form. You can decorate flowers with beautiful lace, pearls or any other decorative materials. Caution they do not harm petals of flowers. Wrap the stems with sturdy wire, lose knot can ruin the shape of flowers bouquet, so hand-tie it with strong knot. Don’t forget to tag a special message or card on bouquet. Use readymade stickers for good packaging.

#3) Eco-Friendly Wraps

Flowers need eco friendly wraps to breathe. Instead of plastic cover use greenery, paper or eco-friendly materials to wrap around the bouquet. They will allow providing good oxygen to flowers and maintaining its freshness for longer duration. You can also use some linen fabrics around to get the luxury look to flowers. It is a happy birthday, graduation, wedding day or get well soon favor send flowers online to express your hearty emotions from long distance.

#4) Attractive Offers

It’s a strong reason allows your customer to visit your florist shop and use the service. Customers mostly fascinated by attractive offers. Give some bonus or free service for flowers delivery. Like get free card delivery service or give special discount on festivals. Once they are visiting your shops, take permission to send them message or e-mails to update your regular offers. Prepare a check list of special customers using your online service very often time, give them special discount or offer for special celebrations. This is the best way to make a healthy relation with your customers. Just you need to follow latest fashion trends of people.

#5) Customized Services

Customized services are beneficial in so many ways. Customers need to send stuffed animal or chocolate box with flowers bouquet. They want some unique decoration like heart shaped bouquet of 100 roses, 50 roses. Variation in bouquet depends on the occasion and the subject of event. So you have to be ready to assist them with customized service.

#6) Instructions Booklet

When you are sending a floral bouquet hand the recipient an instruction booklet. This will provide the good information to customer of how to take care of them and how to prevent them rotting instantly. Your booklet will help them to increase a shelf life of flowers. At the same time it shows your professional behavior too and it helps to grow your business.

 #7) On-time Delivery Service

All your efforts fail if you do not get the trust of customer. On-time delivery play vital role in moving your florist business smoothly. You have to do timely delivery of flowers on the desired location. That shows your perfection with quality service.

Flowers delivery business is a fast growing business. Though there is a competition, if you pay good attention with hard work you will definitely get a good triumph. You have to take care of every step we have mentioned above. And above all you have to handle customers with polite nature.Give them gifts regularly, ones designed with your brand logo, items such asT-shirts face caps, umbrellas and hand fans, even Church Fans in Bulk. So go on, no one will stop you if you are ready to go.

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