5 Best Smart Home Hubs 2018


The world of digitalization and technological advancements has amazed us with things that were not even expected or imagined. The world has become so advanced that everything in the contemporary days happens upon fingertips. It is like wonders are only now a thumb away from us. Who would have thought that the world will be connected through a 6-inch mobile phone? Or maybe who would have imagined that I sitting here could get the news of what is happening at the other corner of the world. But that is what technology has brought to this world. Everything has been turned to be smart from phones to even homes. Smart homes became a concept that was beyond imagination but technology again brought this concept to become real. Smart homes are said to be the homes where all the devices are connected to a hub and are controlled through label, remote, voice or hand gestures. Well, these smart homes require hubs and here we are mentioning the 5 best smart home hubs.

Echo Dot

Amazon which is one of the most prime companies in the field of technology has launched this smart home hub that is considered as one of the best smart home hubs in the contemporary times. The voice recognition software created by Amazon was renowned for its specifications and Amazon have used the same in their smart home hub device that is known as Echo Dot. It gives you the power to control devices of your home through voice recognition and has eased your way to complete anything through the same. The range of Echo Dot is strong and it can pick your voice from the other side of the room as well. Also, it is compatible with iOS, Andriod and Fire OS operating systems. These specifications have made it be listed in the best smart home hubs.

Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2 is also considered as one of the best smart home hubs which again uses the voice recognition to perform the functions. This device allows you to control and monitor Smart Devices Support in your house that are connected to it. This requires a Wi-Fi or modem to make the connection which is why the speed of this device is faster than Echo hub. This device is also beneficial to keep you update about your house when you are traveling outside. Its ability to be compatible with more than 530 devices has been seen and considered as its best specification becoming the reason for its inclusion in the list of 5 best smart home hubs.

Logitech Harmony Hub

Although it is the least favorite on this list, however, the important thing is that is in this list. The home hub created by Logitech is an amazing invention. It is not the best device for all the things in your home however its ability to become the universal remote to make your entertainment to be streamlined has kept it in the list. This device can connect to a number of entertainment devices and give you a perfect time that you are looking for. This device unlike other is compatible with all the operating systems and can be accessed through even a desktop or laptop and not only a smartphone. The only limitation this device has that it could only be connected to eight devices at a time.

Samsung Smart Things Hub

Samsung that is another leading brand in the sector of technology also is included in this list of 5 best smart home hub for its Samsung Smart Things Hub. The company’s goodwill gave this device a boost in the market but if you think that it is the only case for its popularity then you might be wrong. The specialty of this device is that it could monitor and manage all kind of smart devices that you have. It works with Alexa and accepts voice commands which makes it able to do this. It can control your devices and could make you able to have things scheduled which is one of the best specifications of this device.

Google Home

Google, who wouldn’t have heard its name in this world of technology and modernization. However, Google Home can access the conditions that are outside your home like weather or traffic conditions. It can make you instruct different devices at a time and making the things to be controlled through it. Google Home is one of the best devices of the smart home hub which makes you handle inside as well as know the outside conditions.

All of these devices that were listed here are amazing for their different specifications but each one of them can make you have your devices to be controlled on your finger and could make your life easy for sure.

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